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Reasons to drink

Motivos para beber?


More than its delicious avor, grape juice o ers many bene ts to the health of consumers. The nutrients found on grapes provide:

• Phytonutrients, which are important for the prevention of heart diseases;
• Resveratrol, which helps muscular health and keeps muscles exible;
• The phytonutrients and antioxidants found in grape juice help with hormone regulation, helping with cancer prevention;
• Prevents Alzheimer, because of the resveratrol found in its composition.; √ Also because of resveratrol, helps with the prevention of wrinkles, delaying aging;
• Contains antimicrobial agents, that help avoid health problems caused by bacteria.


• Rich in antioxidants and essential biochemical substances, such as polyphenols and avonoids, both which are big on heart health.
• Apple juice is rich in ber, making you full;
• Contains potassium in its formula, helping prevent signs of arthritis;
• Apple juice contais great quantities of vitamin C, helping with ligament and tendon maintenance, as well as keeping a healthy skin through collagen production;
• The alkalinity found in Apple juice helps with the cleaning of destructive liver toxins and maintance of PH levels . The pectin found on the apple’s skin stimulates the digestive system.
• The content of vitamin A present on the Apple juice is essential for the health of the eyes. It keeps your sight Sharp and protects the eyes against illnesses such as glaucoma, cataracts, and other degenerative illnesses.


• Orange juice is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. This way, it has great healing potential;
• The vitamin C found in oranges works as an antioxidant, helping with cancer prevention, keeping the DNA cells healthy against the mutations of cancerogenous cells;
• Orange juice is an excellent reducer of “bad” cholesterol levels and raisable of “good” cholesterol levels, decreasing the chances of heart diseases and cerebrovascular accidents;
• It can help avoid bad digestion, swelling, and food fermentation, being of great help to the liver.
• Other than Vitamin C, Orange juice contains a great concentration of Vitamin A, which works as a moderate antioxidant helping with detoxi cation of the body and increasing liver function;
• A single cup of Orange juice has almost 50% of the necessary daily intake of Vitamin C;
• Other than Vitamin A and C, Orange juice contains minerals and proteins such as thiamine, folic acid, potassium, and bers which makes it one of the most complete fruit, in terms of available nutrients.