Dom Eliseo




Dream, Love, and work

Descendants of the Civardi Family arrived in the South of Brazil around 1896, from Italy, and after wandering through many places, Henrique Civardi’s family settled in Linha Barra das Contas, Muçum/ RS. With Italian traditions rooted on their daily lives and passion for viticulture, around 1948, Eliseo Civardi started the growth of vines for the livelihood of the property.

The project for the establishment of a winery was in their blood, but this dream started to take shape around 2004, when the rst vines were planted. Years went by, and the patriarch, along with his son Nestor Civardi, encouraged by dream and Love, created DOM ELISEO.

Counting on a family administration and seeking quality and re nement in its products, began in 2010 the Project and dream of establishing a winery, the growth of wine grapes, and implementation of the vineyards.

All the care with the products, from growth to harvest, and later with the manufacturing, is done by members of the family and partners, always seeking quality and naturalness of the product, and always permeating with new Technologies all parts of the stages of production and industrialization, to qualify and set apart the nal product, which takes the brand DOM ELISEO.