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Alma do Sul Juices

Alma do Sul Juices

Alma do Sul grape juice is produced with American grapes. Its composition with di erent classes of grapes brings a singular aroma and avor to the product.

It doesn’t have any added water, sugar, or conservatives.



The grape juice is only made during the harvest season, that is, the grapes are harvested fresh in its ideal ripeness to be processed.
• Stalk of the freshly harvested grapes;
• Cooked at the temperature of 85°C
• Bottled in brand new glass bottles and closed with twist o lids;
• 02-months maturation for the stabilization of the juice components.

Our elaboration method, through temperature raise during cooking, extracts 1 liter of grape juice for every 1,6 kilograms of grapes.

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  • 1,5L
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